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Viavino : Gourmet & Wine Restaurant

Via Vino Pole Oenotouristique

A unique concept : Wine Centre in the Languedoc vineyard

In the very heart of the South of France, nearby the Mediterranean Sea, with the historical Arenas of Nîmes and the Comedy Theatre of Montpellier, you will find the calm and peaceful Saint-Christol village. Hereby, come and experience Viavino, located in the middle of the Lunnel region, a welcoming place around the wine heritage of the region.

Discover the beautiful landscapes, with the mediteranean flora and fauna called the ” Garrigues ” consisting of Pine trees and Vineyards.

Appreciate an eco-friendly architecture and the modernity of this place, fully dedicated to the Wine identity of the region.

Enjoy a walk and smell all the different plants’ aroma surrounding the place, have a seat hereby and enjoy a delighfull meal… Viavino is the ideal place to share and create unique memories …


Viavino, Gournet and Wine center, nearby Mediterranean Sea and Montpellier in South of France


  • Opening times

Viavino Wine Centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

The Viavino Restaurant is also open from Tuesday to Saturday, for lunch and diner.

  • The Tasting  Pass

Discover 3 local wines (1 white wine or a Muscat wine, 1 rosé wine, 1 red wine)

A great selection of the week

The Tasting Pass : 5€

  • The Oeno Break

Tasting of wine: glass or bottle of your choice (available in the Shop)

  • The Thirst-Quenching Break

A relaxing moment around organic fruit juices, craft beers, mineral waters, coffee, teas…

  • The Shop: you will find hereby a large selection of local wines (white wines, rosé wines, red wines, fizzy wines, AOP Muscat de Lunel wine, Carthagène wine, liquor wines…), with the following price ranges:

– White wines : from 4.50 € to 11.50 € (all taxes included)

– Rosés wines : from 6 € to 9 € (all taxes included)
– Red wines : from 6 € to 14 € (all taxes included)
– Muscats wines : from 8 € to 9.50 € (all taxes included)
– Fizzy wines : from 8.50 € to 9 € (all taxes included)
– Carthagène wine: 12.50 € (all taxes included)
– Orange wine: 10 € (all taxes included)

Viavino  : Gourmet & Oenologic Restaurant, nearby Mediterranean Sea and Domaine de Bacchus


 Viavino is offering a large range of different Workshops all year long. Those classes are limited in number of places, we therefore highly recommend you to book in advance.

  • Viavino Visit : 5€/guest for 45 min
  • Wines Discovery : 19€/guest for 45 min
  • Visits & Discovery : 12€/guest for 1h
  • Welcome to the Productor : 15€/guest for 1h
  • Winemaker Moment : 20€/guest for 1h30
  • Eveuk des Papilles : 18€/guest for 1h30
  • About Wines & Cheese : 18€/guest for 1h30
  • About Wines & Chocolate : 18€/guest for 1h30
  • Tasting Secrets : 18€/guest for 1h30
  • About Beers : 18€/guest for 1h30
  • About Teas : 18€/guest for 1h30
  • Seasonal Flavors : 35€/guest for 2h
  • Grenache et vous : 35€/guest for 2h
  • Chardonnay-Me : 35€/guest for 2h
  • Mysteries & Grappes Bubbles : 35€/guest for 2h
  • France Tour with 4 Wines  : 35€/guest for 2h
  • On the Alsace region Wines : 35€/guest for 2h



With an ideal location in the very heart of the Wine Centre of Viavino, in Saint-Christol,  the Viavino restaurant is welcoming you to taste all the great South of France flavors… Discover a vineyard and mediterannean decoration, with an eco-friendly architecture. Recently openned by the Ortiz brothers , this unique restaurant is welcoming your family, group of friend or for a romantic time, at both lunch and diner times.

Lunch Formula (weekends & bank holidays excluded)

Starter + Main Course + Dessert 19 euros
Starter + Main Course OR Main Course + Dessert 15 euros

The Menu

Viavino Restaurant, nearby Mediterranean Sea and Domaine de Bacchus

Get more information on Viavino hereby  http://www.viavino.fr


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